Mirko Krajci
Krajci is the master of great effects achieved by a concentrated simplicity, which comes out directly from the structure of musical language.

Hudobny Zivot, 4/2012, Melania Puskasova: Technik with Krajci in Dvorana VSMU

Krajci does not demonstrate a social bearing, spirituality, artistic pose or status. I perceive his music as a spontaneous positive reflection of his own feeling of the life. Its wide sound effects are in a smooth flow pure and plain.  No compositional speculation, or exhibition, just clear, faithful stream directly from heart. A personal testimony, which could not be untold.

Novy Popular,  3/2011, Rado Trihlarik: „Technik & Mirko Krajci“ CD review

The dominating impression of the piece was the deep spirituality, mystic mood and workmanship of the score, typical for Krajci, as well as the deep impression of purity of this music.

Literarny Tyzden 4.4.2007, Terezia Ursinyova: When music inspires

„ Krajci has shocked me by his maturity. “ (Nikita Slovak)

Bratislavske Noviny 4.5.2006, Dasa Sebanova: Don Juan, matador and bull in the Ballet SND

I was totally impressed by music of Mirko Krajci. In spite of provocative Don Juan theme and various dramatic moods in particular acts the score shows the divine purity of composing. 
[...]  In the music studio of M. Krajci everything has matured to the finest detail.

Hudobny Zivot 6/2006, Terezia Ursinyova: Don Juan as we do not know

Tu es Petrus is a nice and wise music. It´s wise in the sense that it does not contradict the beauties of past and musical timelessness.

Hudobny Zivot 4/1997, Igor Javorsky: Twice SOSR

Mirko Krajci has not once - in bigger or smaller forms - given the testimony of his talent. In Sonata for violin solo he developed this talent even further. Sonata is a concentrated composition, exposing specific material and on this basis he ingeniously molds the arch of a comprehensive, multidimensional testimony. Musical experience of Sonata was literally exhilarating.

Hudobny Zivot, 7/1996