Mirko Krajci
Mirko Krajci is known by our musical community as a very talented composer, representative of the youngest generation. But after February 10, when in sold out Concert Hall of the Slovak Radio he scored high marks as the head of the Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra. He should be known as one of the most promising young conductors in Slovakia.


Mirko Krajci and the Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra offered this evening the highest quality music. For a long time I have not had such a really exceptional feeling on the Slovak concert stages: a feeling, that the artist is literally connected with the music, that he conducts  with such  concentration, which literally electrifies the public  and takes the breath away.

Hudobny Zivot, 3/2000, Tamas Horkay: SOSR IN FEBRUARY, Bright Moments of Mirko Krajci

Mirko Krajci was at his best and the result have shown it. His interpretation was close to my interpretation. He showed me that he as a conductor is a responsible and reliable musician, who knows how to conduct the orchestra.

Hudobny Zivot 4/1997, Igor Javorsky: Twice SOSR

Mirko has showed himself as an accomplished conductor, who can create a discipline in the orchestra and deliver his idea to the orchestra. He showed how to interpret his vision of the music with good conducting skills.

Hudobny Zivot 5/1995, Marketa Stefkova: Diploma concert of Mirko Krajci somewhat in Easter mood

Glamour, tenderness of this music was reflected in the hearts of audience and also due to excellent musicality of soloists and precise conducting of Mirko Krajci, the conductor.


As seen in this concert, where Mirko Krajci substituted for his colleague - in Slovakia, where there are many skillful and mature conductors, who are only missing to perform is a good orchestra.

Literarny Tyzden 4.4.2007, Terezia Ursinyova: When music inspires

It was a great task for the conductor and the orchestra. Initial respect was gradually changed into a spontaneous presentation. This music did not leave anyone to cool down. I express great appreciation to the conductor and orchestra.

Hudobny Zivot, 7-8/2014, Igor Berger: Faustian Beethoven and frostily deep Shostakovich